We are celebrating 38 years of serving Genesee County, we look back to where it all began.

Love INC is a nationally based, church networking organization. They coordinate assistance for the families in need. Founder, Virgil Gaulker, states that “If we wish to see God, we should look at the point where a caring Christian intersects with a person in need.

In 1976 Dr. Gaulker set out to meet with Pastors in Holland, Michigan. He went from parsonage to rectory until he met with seventy-eight clergymen in the area. His plan was simple and effective: Help churches inventory their “human capital” and other assets. Match these willing helpers and resources to corresponding needs. Maintain a high level of success by creating a central clearing office to screen requests, eliminate duplicated services between community agencies and churches, and facilitate collaboration and shared resources among those in the Love INC network.

His plan worked. Every church he approached became involved. Seventy-eight churches from four communities said “yes” to this new groundbreaking idea. Love INC turned the corner from being a vision to becoming a reality.

The Flint, Michigan office was the second to open. On October 18, 1981, they opened their doors and began working with the churches of Genesee County to resource families in need. The Articles of Incorporation were filed on November 17, 1981. The incorporators of Love INC-Genesee County Churches were:

Rev. Michael Vandenburg Bethany Community Reformed Church

Rev. James McLaurin Bethlehem United Methodist Church

Rev. Ralph H. Jackman First Reformed Church


The first Board of Trustees included the above mentioned as well as:


Rev. James Bettendorf

Each day as we open our doors, we go to the Lord and thank him for allowing us to be here and serve those in need throughout Genesee County.

The Love INC, Love in the Name of Christ logo was developed in 2003 when Love INC separated from World Vision, who had owned the ministry since 1988. Prior to that, there was a variety of different logos used by Love INC affiliates.

hen the Love INC National Headquarters began the process of developing a new standardized logo, a competition was created among Christian graphic designers. Five graphic designers submitted a total of 70 logo concepts. The logo that was accepted was the 70th one! The winning logo was created by an artist from Minneapolis who drew the cross and heart image by hand over 50 times in order to get the look just right.

The Love in the Name of Christ logo was recognized nationally by the grapic arts community when it was selected to appear in "Logo 2004," a book published by Hearst Books Internation in New York.